Our clients need to be able to navigate and grow in the international trade arena, underpinned by international law

We work with companies, States, State enterprises, development banks, universities and international organizations.

We focus on the needs of our clients, while maintaining flexibility in the billing methods.  We are ready to explore the best solution for the client in light of her/his objectives and available resources.

Our main goal is to find a way forward for the client.  We have either worked exclusively using TILPA’s internal resources alone or in cooperation with our network of strategic alliances with other counsel.  We can also help the client find the appropriate legal assistance when the expertise is not within our reach.   

We provide legal advice on different stages: from early steps, such as the materialization of a client’s new idea; to advanced stages, such as litigation. 

We have advised clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas, for example:

  • An SME in Latin America on its contracts when trading internationally.
  • A sovereign State in Asia to provide a law and economics assessment of a piece of legislation. 
  • A sovereign State in Latin America on WTO law.
  • A large enterprise in Asia on WTO law.
  • An SME in Latin America on its investment expansion under the applicable BIT law.