Our clients need to be able to navigate and grow in the international trade arena, underpinned by international law

Our practice involves training and research.  We have trained government officials, members of trade associations, merchants, academics and students in different universities and institutions.  Training sessions often complement legal advice.

Research for us is fundamental.  We are constantly developing research projects (articles and books).  Also, clients ask us to use our research abilities to develop key studies for their trade practice.

We maintain close and constant collaboration with universities, academic institutions, government agencies and development banks when undertaking research and training.

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  • 1. Selected Teaching and Speaking Engagements
    by Dr Jorge A. HUERTA-GOLDMAN
    • Lecturer on “Regionalism in the Americas,” Universidad de Barcelona, IELPO, Barcelona, Spain (March every year);
    • Fertilización, Cruzada, entre el Litigio OMC, el Arbitraje de Inversión y el Arbitraje Comercial, Barra Mexicana de Abogados, Mexico City (11 June 2014);
    • International Litigation, Foreign Trade University in Ha Noi, Viet Nam (13 May 2014);
    • National Treatment, Geneva, Switzerland at the WTO (21 October 2013);
    • Domestic, Regional and Multilateral Investment Liberalization, European University Institute, Florence, Italy (4-5 July 2011);
    • Mexico’s experience in the DSU, University of Columbia Law School (November 2007);
    • WTO, DSU, Doha negotiations, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Tampico, Mexico (April 2006);
    • DSU negotiations in the Doha Round, University of Columbia School of Law, New York, United States (November 2005);
    • WTO litigation, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, Guadalajara, Mexico (October 2005);
    • One-week seminar on the functioning of the DSU, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey—WTO Technical Assistance seminar (August 2004); and
    • Assistant professor of International Trade Law, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City (1999).
  • 2. Selected Publications
    Books Published by Dr Jorge A. HUERTA-GOLDMAN
    • Book: “WTO Litigation, Investment Arbitration and Commercial Arbitration” Edited by: Jorge A. HUERTA-GOLDMAN, Antoine Romanetti, Franz X. Stirnimann, published by Kluwer Law International, July 2013; and
    • Book: “Mexico in the WTO and NAFTA; Litigating International Trade Disputes” published by Kluwer Law International, 2009.
    Monographs Published by Dr Jorge A. HUERTA-GOLDMAN
    • Book review: "The Relevant Market in International Economic Law: A Comparative Antitrust and GATT Analysis by Christian A. Melischek", World Trade Review (2014), 13: 1, 131–142
    • “How Easy is an Easy Case for a Complainant? A comment on US – Zeroing DS 402”, World Trade Review, 12, pp 427-431 (2013);
    • “Domestic, Regional and Multilateral Investment Liberalization”, Chapter 2 of the book “Regulation of Foreign Investment” edited by Mavroidis and Drabek, published by World Scientific (2013);
    • “The Cushioned Negotiation: The case of WTO's Industrial Tariff Liberalization” Journal of World Trade, 46:4 J.W.T., 2012, by Pablo Klein-Bernard and Jorge A. HUERTA-GOLDMAN;
    • “Mexico in the WTO and NAFTA in a Nutshell: Litigating International Trade Disputes”, Journal of World Trade, 44:1 J.W.T. 2010;
    • “Trade Remedies Disputes – Reciprocal Relationship between WTO and NAFTA Tribunals”, Europa Law Publishing, Chapter 11 of "Shaping the Rule of Law Through Dialogue", Edited by Filippo Fontanelli, Giuseppe Martinico and Paolo Carrozza in 2010;
    • “Is Retaliation Useful? Observations and Analysis of Mexico’s Experience”, Cambridge University Press,Chapter 12 of "The Law, Economics and Politics of Retaliation in WTO Dispute Settlement", Edited by Chad Bown and Joost Pauwelyn in 2010;
    • “US – Trucking Services and Investment: a NAFTA Unresolved Dispute”, L’Observateur des Nations Unies, Volume 24, 2008-1; and
    • “The Amparo Trial in the Execution of International Commercial Arbitral Awards in the Mexican Legal System," 1997, ITESO.

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I. Use of Preferential Import Tariffs to Decrease Costs 

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16 October 2014 - ICTSD Puentes

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Co-Edited by Dr Jorge A. HUERTA-GOLDMAN

Published by Kluwer Law International

On  October 21st a very successful book presentation was held at the WTO, hosted by the Appellate Body Secretariat (AB Series), and organized by the editors Jorge A. Huerta-Goldman, Antoine Romanetti and Franz X. Stirnimann. 

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